Belgravistan gained its independence in 1996. According to the Constitution, the state is governed by the Internal Protection Laws. Article 37 states that all the products and services on the Belgravistan market must have the highest price in the world, at any given time. If it is proved that the same product / service is more expensive in other parts of the world, its price is immediately increased at a level that cannot be beaten. To prevent this from happening, the law stipulates tripling the prices every quarter.

The economy is based on the considerable deposits of oil (“petrol” in Belgravian) and natural gas (“shisty gas” in Belgravian), as well as diamond (“diamanti” in Belgravian) reserves. Nowadays the country belongs to the group of the world’s leading oil-producing states with volumes amounting to more than 100 million tons of “petrol” and “shisty-gas” condensate a year. At the present moment, Belgravistan is on the 5th place in the world with regard to confirmed reserves of oil. Every citizen owns several “petrol” and “shisty-gas” wells plus a “diamanti” mine, which entitles them to be the richest population in the world.

The Republic of Belgravistan is a unitary state with a parliamentary system of government. The President is the head of state, its highest official, who determines the main directions of the domestic and foreign policy of the state and represents Belgravistan within the country and in international relations. The President is the symbol of the unity of the people and the state power, inviolability of the Constitution, rights and freedoms of an individual and citizen.
The executive and legislative functions are both performed by the Unicameral Parliament of the Republic of Belgravistan.

Republic of Belgravistan

Offical name: Republic of Belgravistan
Capital: Peshkeshev
Official language:    Belgravian
Area: 2,623,800 km2
Population: 12,935,334
Density: 4.93 / km2
Currency: Belgravian goldar



Belgravian Goldar (BEG)

BEG/USD   1000.44

BEG/GBP   1200.32

BEG/EUR   800.21

BELGRAVISTAN Gold Price (BELGREX - Belgravistan Exchange):

BELGRAVISTAN Oil Price (BELGREX - Belgravistan Exchange)